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Una-Mary Parker


Una-Mary Parker, now in her mid-eighties, has always had a passion for writing, working in Fleet Street and later as social editor for British magazine, Tatler. Her sensational debut novel, RICHES, was published to outstanding critical acclaim and became an international bestseller.

Her novels are aimed to attract women who relish romance, intrigue and passion. Now, nearly thirty years later, RICHES and Una-Mary's other hugely popular best sellers are entering the digital world and are being released as ebooks by renowned publisher Headline.




Tiffany – by day a successful costume designer working from her luxurious Park Avenue apartment. By night, the ‘other woman’ in the arms of film director Hunt Kellerman.

Morgan – her only ambition is marriage to an English aristocrat. And in Henry, Marquess of Blairmore, dubbed one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors, she finds just the man.

Zac – their younger brother is the odd one out. Spending his time in sleazy bars, he’s on a downward spiral to despair …

The three Kalvin children come from a background of wealth and privilege, but each has to learn the hard way that there’s more to life than riches.



A brilliant businesswoman with a fatal flaw. Brother against sister in a bitter struggle for the most successful jewellery business in the world. Old blood and new money: a glittering marriage founded on a shocking lie. An enchanting eighteen-year-old girl on trial for the murder of her father.



Madeleine Delaney – a beautiful brunette and brilliant portrait painter, she is summoned from her New York home to an English country manor house and a confrontation with the past.

Jessica McCann – a bubbly blonde who lives for her work as Sales Director of one of London’s most luxurious hotels when her lover, jealous of her success, issues an impossible ultimatum.

Kimberley Cabot – her Titian locks hide a scheming financial brain and a ruthless ambition to rise above her poverty-stricken background. Three very different women, with only their youth and beauty in common. Only time will tell how they can handle temptations.



Who is the sensationally beautiful Marissa Montclare? How did she amass a million-dollar fortune by the time she was twenty? And why was she murdered at a glittering New Year’s Eve party given by her lover, Sir Edward Wenlake, at his opulent Park Avenue apartment?

Rebecca Kendall, famous photo-journalist, was at the fatal party . . . and she captured more on film than photographs of Marissa. She took a picture of the killer as well. From then on, her life is in danger.

Jenny Wenlake is shocked to find that her father had a girlfriend younger than herself. So she and Rebecca set out to uncover the truth about Marissa’s past. Helped by Stirling Hertfelder, Rebecca’s agent and lover, they expose shattering secrets . . . and another murder is committed before Rebecca is brought face to face with the ultimate horror in a story that includes greed, vice, corruption . . . and a deep love that will not be denied.



The most imposing invitation on the mantelpiece was the one from Buckingham Palace . . .

Three women are anticipating the royal Garden Party with varying degrees of pleasure and apprehension. For Jackie, social editor of Society magazine, it is just one of a series of glittering events that she must cover for her glamour-hungry readers. Newly divorced, Jackie enjoys the hectic whirl of her career, but hopes to find a more settled lifestyle . . .

For Elfrieda, ex-Swedish au pair and current Lady Witley of Vauxhall, the invitation represents one further rung up the social ladder. Elfrieda is sodesperate to be accepted, she will do anything to make her mark. It is a determination that is to have dangerous consequences . . .

As Lady in Waiting to the Queen, Celia is ‘on duty’, charged with the responsibility of helping ensure all the arrangements go smoothly. Celia values the position of confidence she enjoys at the Palace, and is careful to do nothing to jeopardise it . . .



An explosive love affair between a widow and her best friend’s son . . .
When strange events at her father’s Scottish estate require investigation, Camilla Eaton is grateful for Philip’s company. To the tranquil beauty of the Highland countryside is added the aphrodisiac of danger and – despite the difference in their ages – the couple embark upon a heady love affair.

A society girl who steals the family silver for her anarchist lover . . .
Horrified by the unwelcome evidence of her mother’s sexuality, Camilla’s teenage daughter, Poppy, becomes involved with a group of militant political activists. Her sexual obsession with their charismatic leader, Danny Fox, blinds her to the inherent dangers of the association.

A devastating emotional maelstrom . . .
As the repercussions of Poppy’s rebellion and the sinister goings-on in Scotland collide in an event of shocking violence, Camilla is forced to re-evaluate her priorities – and finds herself face to face with death ...



Prince Charming
Beverley feels like the luckiest girl in the world. Champagne, glamour – and Viscount Amesbury, the handsome Englishman who monopolises her at the opening of New York’s Herman Gallery.

The fairy-tale romance
A whirlwind courtship, a wedding that is featured in the society pages of fashionable Chichi magazine, and Beverley settles down to married life in a blissful daze.

But where’s the happy ending?
An unexpected tragedy calls the grief-stricken girl to England, to Anthony’s ancestral home and the upper echelons of English society. Here, Beverley feels sure, she can achieve what Anthony would have wanted: only the best for their son and heir. But someone on the magnificent estate seems to have more deadly intentions…



When Charlotte Taylor meets the reckless David Farrell she knows life is never going to be the same again. Spending Christmas together at Chelwood Grange, the Farrells’ magnificent Wiltshire home, Charlotte discovers that jealousy and deceit overshadow the family’s merriment. Who does David’s father visit in the dead of night? Has David’s brother Christopher really kicked his guilty habit, and is he fit to care for his five-year-old daughter Holly? And why is David’s mother so on-edge . . .?

When Christmas is over, Charlotte and David return to London, and the harrowing time in Wiltshire is forgotten. Then tragedy strikes at Chelwood Grange and little Holly is missing. David is inconsolable in his grief but it is not long before Charlotte suspects that the man she is falling in love with is the man she should most fear. Surely, her doubts are unfounded . . .



Toby and Liza Hamcroft share a life of wealth, privilege and marital bliss. Parents of three adorable children, members of Lloyd’s of London, and part of England’s elite – not a day goes by without Liza counting her blessings. Then her life is thrown into turmoil when Toby disappears without a trace.

Lloyd’s, where Toby is a successful broker, is suffering huge insurance losses and as the syndicates start to crash, Liza realises the implications could be catastrophic for those involved. Disaster for her brother Freddy whose wife Melissa is only after his money; ruin for Sir Humphrey and Lady Rosemary Davenport who put their trust in Toby; and humiliation for her parents who are set to lose everything.

As the days go by, Liza frantically searches for clues to Toby’s whereabouts. But who can she turn to for help? Toby’s colleagues show concern, but can they be trusted? When events take a more sinister turn Liza realises she must take the law into her own hands if she is to find her husband before it is too late…



Sophie was an impressionable twenty-one-year-old when she married millionaire businessman Brock Duvall and was swept away on a tide of luxury and sophistication. But over the years she has learned that life with a man twice her age is not what she had hoped for. She feels the need to break away from the confines of her hapless marriage, and Brock, knowing he can no longer govern his beautiful wife, sets her free. It is time for Sophie to take control.

Launching a career as an antiques dealer, Sophie opens a shop in Knightsbridge, and with the help of her two bubbly colleagues, Frankie and Katie, she watches the business thrive. Sadly, her sister, Audrey, is not so fortunate. Her own marriage is on the rocks and she is spurred into a desperate act of rebellion . . .

As Sophie begins to get her life back on track, she hopes that one day she will meet a man with whom she is truly compatible. Then Tim Calthorpe, her teenage heart-throb, re-enters her life, giving her hope that they may have a future together. But sinister events follow and Sophie is unable to shake off the fear that someone is trying to jeopardise her one chance of true happiness . . .



As Lucy and Peter sped along the motorway towards Lucy’s parents’ home, eager to announce the news of their engagement, Lucy dreamed of their life together. Moments later they watched in terror as a vehicle hurtled towards them . . .

Waking in hospital to discover that her beautiful face has been destroyed, Lucy calls off their engagement and sinks into an emotional decline. But Peter’s mother has a solution: a friend in New York knows a brilliant plastic surgeon who is willing to restore Lucy’s looks. Six months later, Lucy emerges as one of the most stunning women anyone has ever seen. But such breathtaking beauty comes at a price and, to Lucy’s horror, she is about to discover that the price is almost too high to pay . . .



Antonia Murray, at thirty-two, realises most of her friends are getting married and having babies, while she is devoting her life to her company, Murray Properties Ltd, which restores and sells beautiful period buildings in Central London. Her hard work over the past ten years has paid off: she owns a smart flat in Knightsbridge, designer clothes, a BMW and she can holiday anywhere in the world.

Suddenly it isn’t enough. She longs to settle down with a loving man and start a family of her own. But how is she going to meet the man of her dreams? Despite her brother’s warnings, she places an advert in the personal columns and when she sees the intelligent eyes and warm smile of Colin Holbrook in the photograph he sends her, she’s convinced she’s found the one. But appearances are often deceptive and Antonia is about to discover that the dating game can be a dangerous, if not deadly, affair . . .



We are all conjurors in our own way, Julia thought as she looked at Douglas, the man who had created a fairy tale world for them. But was it an illusion?

It is their wedding anniversary and Douglas and Julia Rutherford are giving the party of the year. With their family and friends gathered around them, it seems nothing can jeopardise their happiness. But even Douglas cannot conceal the turmoil caused by the arrival of an uninvited guest, whose revelation of a shameful secret forces them to come to terms with betrayal, a tragic death and a charge of murder from which there is no magical escape. Their love for each other takes on a new dimension but whether they can survive depends on their ability to face the truth.



When widower Nick Driver announces that he is getting remarried, his two sons and two daughters are utterly devastated. They find it hard to accept that their beautiful mother, who died tragically only a year ago, can be replaced this quickly, particularly by Philippa who is so young.

Nick wants Philippa to have all that money can buy, but when he decides to sell the family home he has no idea that his new wife will become an unwitting catalyst in a family feud. Nor that the domino effect that follows will cause a deep rift and finally the death of one of them . . .



When designer Arabella Webster disappears the day before her first showing at London Fashion Week, her daughter Joanna can’t help but fear the worst. The latest collection from Arabella Designs is the culmination of years of hard work and the financial future of the company depends on it being a success – there’s no way Arabella would do anything to jeopardise it. So where is she?

But as Joanna attempts to discover what lies behind her mother’s mysterious disappearance it seems this is the least of her problems – it soon becomes apparent that the woman she has idolised all her life has been hiding a dark secret that will change everything. And as the revelations come to a head it is looking less and less likely that Arabella will return . . .



When the eccentric genius Professor Miles Scott-Forbes suddenly dies, Lucinda, the daughter he ignored all his life, finds she must enter a bizarre treasure hunt before she can claim a penny of her inheritance.

At the centre of the mystery lie six pieces of jewellery, each one inextricably linked to a shocking family secret. Five pieces must be disposed of – the sixth Lucinda can keep for herself. Should it be the most valuable of the six, she stands to inherit a vast fortune, which will enable her to give up her stressful job and spend more time with her two children. But there’s a catch: Lucinda’s forbidden to have the jewellery valued. Furious to be the object of yet another of her father’s twisted games, she reluctantly follows the trail . . . only to realise that the true prize lies not in financial gain but in the discovery of the man behind her father’s cruel and capricious exterior.


Realease Date: 19/10/2014

This exclusive e-short story is the sizzling prequel to Una-Mary Parker's internationally bestselling novel, Riches, available now in ebook.

Born and brought up in the poorest part of San Francisco, Joni Marks has always dreamed of becoming a movie star. She craves the fame, the glamour and the wealth. And she'll do anything to get what she wants.

Now, on the night of the Oscars, as Hollywood's most famous film director, Hunt Kellerman, walks towards her on the red carpet, she knows that he's her destiny. And nothing is going to stand in her way.


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